Living The Factual Life

In these blog posts I would love to be able to reference facts and post them with what i write. The problem is that the internet is SO full of misinformation it’s difficult to know where to look for scientific data on a variety of issues.

For instance, last year at DragonCon I attended a lecture by Dr. Steven Novella about medical skepticism. He talked about how brain theory was changing and moving away from the theory of a conscious/subconscious thought structure. He asked me to email him for more info. Unfortunately I was SO freaking new to skepticism and I had never even heard of him or his podcast, The Skeptic’s Guide To The Universe, that I couldn’t contact him.

I was, and still AM unsuccessful in finding anything reliable on that particular topic. So this year at DragonCon I’m just going to have to nail him down on specific sites. He DID mention neurology textbooks but it’s really difficult to use a textbook as a reference in a blog.

Maybe if I email people like Dr. Novella, The Skepchicks and Think Atheist, I might be able to find out where they get their science based information from. That way I can help myself AND you be a better skeptic.


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