Over on SkepChick.com I found this article that I found absolutely stunning: http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/clearly_the_culture_war_is_not_over/

It talks about a study done in which 50% of respondents believe that a woman should be LEGALLY required to take her husband’s surname as her own. You read that right. People actually believe that a woman must be forced under penalty of law to change her last name to that of her spouse.

To which I reply: Seriously?? WTF? Dude! As you’ll read, when asked why they felt that way some respondents actually said that a woman should give up her identity to become part of the man and his family.

I understand that traditions are important. As a married woman I took my husband’s name because that’s what you do. I love him so much that I wanted to share everything with him. Which…if you think about it…doesn’t that mean we should have both hyphenated our names? Shouldn’t he be Myrback-Moore and I be Moore-Myrback?

If a woman makes the choice to take her husband’s last name, that’s great. I made that choice. But it is patriarchal BULLSHIT to talk about making a law to force a woman to subjugate herself to another person. Isn’t that called slavery?

And yet this sort of thing is still acceptable because it is masked as “tradition”.

Here is where critical thinking comes in. Does it make sense in this modern era to start enforcing those “traditions” that cause the subjugation of women? Is it logical?

I’ll leave you to read the article, consider the points and make your own conclusions. Personally I am considering changing my name back to assert my own identity.


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  1. jonolan said,

    August 14, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    Oddly, in the past only the highest classes were “allowed” to hyphenate their names. Non-landed, non-titled types were strongly discouraged from doing so.

    If you think about that, you’ll see it has carried on to this day as a prejudice of sorts. Myrback-Moore just sounds pretentious, doesn’t it?

    Personally, I would drop a woman who refused to take my name after marriage so fast it would make her head spin – unless she had no brothers and father who was worried about continuing their family name. That’s just me though, and my opinion is more based on the personality type that seems to refuse to do so.

    To make it legally required? That’s just wrong. We don’t need more laws inserting the government in the people’s private lives.

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