I recognize that Fledgeling Skeptic is new to the world. I wanted to try to get off the ground before the next couple weeks really took off. Yes I’m doing all the bird puns on purpose.

From Monday until Friday I will be out of the country on a much needed break from the world. I will be inaccessible by phone and I choose to be inaccessible by internet. When I return, I will make a few brief posts talking about what I really want to do with this blog and the direction that I want to take it.

And THEN, we’re off to DragonCon in Atlanta!! YAY!! I get to hang out in the SkepTrack and Podcaster track and do all KINDS of geek-related stuff.

I won’t get back from DC* until the Tuesday evening afterward because it takes about 10 hours with breaks to drive from Atlanta to where we live in Florida. Sooo, that being said, Fledgeling Skeptic is on a bit of a stutter-step schedule.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. All five of you 🙂


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