The Art of Justification

I know I said that today I would be talking about the scientific method. I actually need to do a little more research because it seems that there is more than one approach. So instead I’m bringing you a small part of my life.

Today I was rudely awakened by the alarm clock at 7 am. I had SET the bloody thing for 8 last night but no. A rude noise jarred me from a pleasant sleep. So I reached over and smacked the “off” button causing the clock to careen OFF the table and down between my end table and my book shelf.

Grumbling inarticulately I got up and went to pick it up when it started going off AGAIN. I looked at it, puzzled. It wasn’t going off. It was off ALREADY!

Then I realized that the sound came from across the room. My cell phone alarm was going off. At 7 am.

I filed that under “WTF?” and picked it up.

According to my calendar the Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts maquette went on sale THIS MORNING!! I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS!! So I threw myself into my limited edition (999) Haunted mansion shirt, grabbed my black purse and rant out the door to make the screaming run over to Orlando from Melbourne.

Normally I drive like a maniac by myself on the highway but today I think I nearly broke the sound barrier on 528W in an effort to get over there. I had visions of a line out the gates of people waiting to get this maquette (yes I have an overactive imagination).

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Being an annual passholder, Ken and I know little secrets such as parking in the Minnie lot and walking in saves LOADS of time. Unfortunately they were parking in Pluto. So I had to wait in line like the rest of the tourists.

I drummed impatiently on my steering wheel while moving at a snail’s pace into the parking spot I was directed to. Once parked I THREW myself out of the car and practically ran for the tram…that was just pulling away. So I had to wait five minutes for another one. In the mean time my watch was ticking away the seconds. It was already almost 9:00.

When the tram arrived I slid across to the other side and waited rather impatiently. If any of you have ever been to the Magic Kingdom at DisneyWorld you know that by the time you get to ticketing you’re still a mile and a half from Magic Kingdom, itself.

I was the first one off the tram and I practically sprinted for the Monorail. Of course THAT one was pulling out of the station too. If I had not become a skeptic, I would have thought that the Universe conspired against me. Instead I took a deep breath and entertained myself by talking to a fussy toddler, trying to distract him to help out his parents.

Eventually Monorail Yellow pulled into the station. THEN there was a 10 minute delay while some kind of door or car check took place. Safety first. It’s a good thing. But it also put be 15 minutes past open and just getting on the monorail. If I was still the previous, non-skeptic, I would have been having all kinds of thoughts about how the Universe was trying to tell me to slow down and that I didn’t need that Maquette anyway because it was only a thing, after all.

But damnit, I wanted it!!

After the monorail pulled into the station at Magic Kingdom, I made my way through the excruciatingly long security line and I was off again. A quick swipe of the annual pass and down Main Street USA I went. Fortunately I could see that there was no long line out the door at Uptown Jewelers so I took a minute to indulge in something I’ve always loved.

The Main Street Players were doing their morning song. I let myself  stop for a few minutes to enjoy that simple pleasure. I also peered around looking for Scoop Sanderson or any of the other Main Street inhabitants. No such luck on that front though.

Upon entering through the Art Gallery side I skidded up to the display case that held my treasure. Only to see that My Precious wasn’t there!! I found out that they hadn’t recieved any of the maquettes and had no idea when they WOULD be receiving them *headesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

As a skeptical thinker I have chalked this up to just one of those things that happens. There was no divine intervention, no evil force or force of nature keeping me away from that which I deeply desire. It’s just simply something that happened.

This is skepticism in daily life. I allowed myself to critically analyze what was happening and think it through. The world is a terribly big place and it’s rather egocentric to think that everything happens because of me. So I don’t think that anymore.


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