Scary looking, isn’t it? Like some little albino version of ET. This is the  Blue River Monster  or Cerra Azul Monster. Apparently, according to the story, a group of teenagers (ages 14-16) saw this creature come towards them climbing over the rocks. Of course they picked up rocks and stoned it to death.

Gotta love human beings. If it’s weird, kill it.

People have speculated that this is a mutant of some sort, an alien or even a new species all together. Thanks to Rebecca Watson at, who found this article ( we now know that it is nothing of the sort. Turns out this little old man albino creature is most likely to be a sloth that lost most of its hair during decomposition.

No monster.


Which brings us to last years monster craze, the Montauk Monster. Now this little beauty looks like some kind of gryphon without the wings to me, personally. If you look closely you can see the hooked beak and long, raptor-like claws. Pretty convincing, eh?

It’s a raccoon. A raccoon that had been given a Viking funeral after having been found dead on the beach by a few drunken revellers. This article tells the whole story. (

Sasquatch has been shown to be a guy in a suit. The Loch Ness Monster was a wooden cutout on a raft. El Chupacabra is probably just a big, nasty dog or cougar. And while I’m killing myths, Zeus and the pantheon of Greek gods? Stories.

I don’t want you all to walk away feeling that as a skeptic I am a baby eating monster who sucks all the light from the world. So here’s something that IS real. This is a Hubble image of the spiral galaxy Messier 101 (M101). Here is the NASA link to tell you more about it (  There are so many beautiful, REAL things in the world and the Universe at large to marvel and wonder at. Why focus on what ISN’T real?



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