Seeing Is Believing

There is a type of logical fallacy called “Appeal to Belief”. It has a basic pattern of:

1 – “Most people believe that X is true”

2 – Therefor X is true

For instance,

“Most people believe that unidentifiable lights in the sky at night are UFOs”

Therefor “Aliens have visited Earth”.

Roswell and Area 51 is a perfect example of the “People believe it therefor it must be true” school of logical fallacy. Of course there will always be True Believers out there. We can only keep giving them information and hope that eventually it will stick with them.

Yes. Area 51 DOES exist. People commute by plane back and forth daily to the complex. Area 51 deals with research and development. You can read about the history of the place, why the airspace is restricted and some background here:

It has been shown repeatedly that what people thought was a UFO was nothing more than a weather balloon. BUT because people believe that a UFO crash landed there and “credible” witnesses claim that bodies were removed, then aliens MUST have crash landed there.

It all goes back to using your skeptical thinking processes. Can this be real? What does the evidence say? Is this really a credible source for information on this subject?

Question everything. It’s the Skeptic’s Way.

If you want to read more about what the possibilities are of humans being alone in the Universe, pick up a copy of Phil Plait’s book “Death From The Skies” There’s a chapter in there on aliens and their evil machinations on Planet Earth.


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