A Wealth of Topics

Since starting this blog I have discovered that if i just read my email, the world at large will send me new things to write about. For instance, this evening I received an email from Change.org. The topic of the email was “Protect Your Family From Toxic Chemicals”.

It talked about how the US is importing toxic waste from China and “of the 82,000 chemicals available in the US only 200 of them have been tested for safety”. Aldo included in the email was this quote: “the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found toxic chemicals in the bodies of virtually all Americans.”

This sounds a bit like scare tactics to me. I have to wonder how the CDC could have found toxic chemicals in approximately 305,529,237 people across the nation. So I did what a good skeptic SHOULD do. I emailed the CDC and asked them if this was true. I also asked them to supply evidence if the assertion was true.

Hopefully some time next week I’ll have an answer for you. In the mean time I remain, as ever, skeptical.


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