Bomb The Moon!!

Tomorrow morning at 7:31 NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite will crash its Centaur upper-stage rocket into the lunar surface. A mere 4 min. later, the main body of the LCROSS will follow, plummeting through the debris cloud caused by the first crash. It will collect and relaying information back to Earth before crashing into the Cabeus crater close to the south pole of the Moon. The concept behind this excercise is to look for the presence of water in the polar soil.

Already there are people foretelling doom and gloom. The conspiracy theorists are suggesting that the reason we are “bombing” the moon is that we found some sort of technology there years ago. One is also stating that the shapes of various space agency insignia has something to do with the technology that we supposedly found on the moon.

According to one of these people, they think that there will be tidal waves and earthquakes caused by this. There is absolutely no reason to think this will be the case. The Moon suffers impacts almost daily and yet we have no changes here.

The person in this video: clearly is NOT using deductive reasoning. His arguments are based in misinformation, conspiracy theory and fallacy. There are SO many logical fallacies in his argument that I cannot begin to name them.

This IS an excellent example of one of the formats of “Appeal to Consequence of a Belief”, though.  Here’s an idea. See how many logical fallacies you can find in his argument and post them here.


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