Wishin’ And Hopin’

Today’s Logical Fallacy is known as Wishful Thinking. It is related to one I wrote about a few days ago: Appeal to Consequences of a Belief. Wishful thinking also comes in the guise of “positive thought” and “creative visualization”.

Since the X’s  seem to scare some of my readers, I will be substituting the word “bunnies” in place of the X. This is supposed to be fun and educational. It’s not supposed to be Big Scary Math time here folks.

With bunnies acting as the stand in for X our format looks something like this:

1) I wish that bunnies were true, therefore bunnies is true.

Is that less threatening without the X? I hope so.

A real world example would look like this for 1) If I chant my mantra every day, my true love will come into my life.

Wishful Thinking is an emotion-based argument with the premise that the positive outcome will come to pass simply because you want it really, really badly. Unfortunately Wishful Thinking can also lead to ignoring the evidence against a deeply held belief. In that case it becomes one-sidedness.

From what i”ve garnered from my reading, wishful thinking/positive thought is a great deal like spellcasting when I was a Wiccan. The wisher is trying to bend the world to their will simply by wanting their end goal very, very much.


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