Do You Believe In Magic?

This evening Ken and I went to the local county fair. While we were there we saw a thrill show that involved a kangaroo. But that’s not what interests me. What really caught my attention was what happened before the show started.

Standing up front was a boy who looked to have been about 3  to 4 years old. He stood facing the stage area while pop music played in the background. Every few seconds he would yell “STOP!!” at the top of his lungs. No one was around him. No younger or older sibling tormented him and no one was speaking to him. He simply stood rigidly, tensed, bellowing “STOP!!” at the stage for probably a good five minutes.

No adult came to shush him. As far as I could tell, his supervising adult appeared to be nowhere in sight. So I leaned over and had a little talk with him. I explained that wanting something to happen wasn’t going to make it happen. I explained further that he couldn’t magically make a change in his surroundings simply by yelling at it.

At first he looked extremely ticked off that I had dared interrupt him. He even tried yelling towards the stage a couple more times.

Then, abruptly, he stopped. He stood staring at the stage for a few moments. Then, for no obvious reason he went and sat down.

Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part. I would like to think that he realized that perhaps the freaky pink haired woman was right.  I’m hoping I made a difference tonight. More likely, however, is he just got tired of screaming. But a freaky pink haired woman can dream.


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