News of the Weird

Nine-Year-Old Girl Gives birth. Sounds like a headline in the National Enquirer, doesn’t it?

Sadly, this is a true story as reported in the Huffington Post 9yearold-girl-gives-birth_n_446034.html

According to reports, an unnamed 9 year old Chinese girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday in Changchun. She was brought in at 8 and a half months pregnant and gave birth via cesarean section. The father is unknown at the time but authorities will be investigating. In that province of China, sex with a minor under the age of 14 carries an automatic rape conviction and jail sentence.

While the age of 9 is young, she is not the youngest to have given birth. the-youngest-mother-ever was 5 years old when she became pregnant. After speaking with her parents it was discovered that the girl, Lina Medina, began having regular periods at the age of 3.

A healthy skeptic might be doubtful about this. It has all the earmarks of an urban legend. In Lina’s case, however, it is true and verified here medina.asp by Snopes. Their article has photos of the girl both pregnant and with her baby.

It seems Miss Lina had an extremely unusual pituitary condition. A biopsy of her ovary revealed that her folicle was equivalent to a mature woman. In every other way Lina appeared to be a normal 5 year old girl. Although, through the face, she appeared slightly older than average. Her son is reported to be normal and intelligent with no sign of birth defect.


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