Bathroom Etiquette

After going on 14 years of marriage, my husband has been intimate with me in nearly every way imaginable. Yet when I asked him to bring me toilet paper, he shoved his arm through the door rather than come in while I was on the toilet. It’s not like he hasn’t seen me naked or even half naked. Yet when it comes to the bathroom he won’t come in.

His reasoning when questioned about the bizarre behavior? The possibility of bad smells. That’s reasonable. yet it still seems a bit bizarre when a couple has been together as long as we have.

What do you think? Couples, do you go into the bathroom when your significant other is occupied?


1 Comment

  1. Myk said,

    March 24, 2010 at 4:00 am

    My GF and I have only been dating for a couple of years, but we tend to leave the toilet door open when there’s just the two of us in the house.

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