Coming Up On Fledgeling Skeptic

On Tuesday I will be starting a new series of articles called “Why It Doesn’t Work”. I’ll be taking a scientific approach to a wide variety of New Age-style topics, such as Reiki, Kirlian Photography, Chakras, Channeling and much more. These are all the things I used to either A) believe in or B)believe I could do.

If you’ve been reading from the first post, you’ll understand that I used to be deeply into the New Age ideology. I’d like to invite you, if you have not done so, to go back and read the first two posts I wrote. Just for ease of use, the link is here.

And here is the link to Part 2:

Other skeptics tell me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my past; of what I once believed. The truth is that I still can’t believe I got sucked in by all of this. I can’t believe I deluded myself like that. I wanted to believe I was special and that I could help people with my “powers”.

I may not be special, but I’m trying hard to help people with my “powers”. The powers of logic and reason.


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