The Non-Skeptical Part Of My Life

It occurred to me that many of you probably aren’t aware that I write another regular blog aside from Fledgeling Skeptic. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (Herbwoman in both places) you’ll see that I generally post two articles around the same time. The first is of course Fledgeling Skeptic.

The second has been around much longer. I call it Boobcast. Whereas this blog covers my journey as a skeptic and my attempts to help other new skeptics learn ways to be more skeptical in their thinking, Boobcast is something else altogether.

In Boobcast I talk very openly and, frequently, very graphically about my experiences and recovery from severe complications from a breast augmentation and lift (aka boobjob). That procedure cost me both of my breasts in the end.

In Boobcast I deal with raw emotion and some medical information gleaned from the best sources I can find not to mention my own experiences with all the surgical things I’ve dealt with. Mostly it’s raw emotion. And because this was so traumatic that even two-plus years later I still cry sometimes, this isn’t really a reason-based blog. This is, to some extent, the non-skeptical part of my life.

So if you see a post about flashing my boobs next to a post on the scientific method, you;ll have a little insight as to why.

If you are interested in finding out more, please start here.


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