Everybody Draw Muhammad Day II

According to RAW, The originator of the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” has withdrawn any support of any and all Facebook groups supporting her idea. Also, the originator of the Facebook Event page for EDMD has withdrawn his support and has left the event page completely without an admin.

To help continue this idea, I have started my own EDMD page here.

It has been pointed out to me that some Muslims find it offensive to depict any image of the prophet Muhammad. It is not my intention to offend. My intention here is to stand up to bullies who think that if they threaten to kill someone they can get their way.

I will NOT back down from bullying and threats. Why should this ONE figure be held above criticism when other religious figures are openly and mercilessly mocked?

I invite you to stand with me in solidarity with others around the world. Do not let fear stop you from standing up to these people. Draw a picture of Muhammad and post it on May 20th either on my Facebook page or somewhere else.


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