Things I Ponder

There are still things I wonder about and questions I have unanswered. Anyone who was on the Amazing Adventure cruise in March might remember a long string of bad puns about filling holes. If you weren’t there, count yourself fortunate because it got really bad after a very short time.

As to the things I ponder. First, as one who sells essential oils for a living I frequently notice that when I uncap a partially full 8 oz bottle of almost any essential oil, I’m greeted by a hiss as one would get when opening a carbonated drink. Essential oils are not carbonated.

My instructors told me that it is because essential oils are living essences of plants and that’s just something that happens. Since I’m not a botanist, I have to wonder if that’s true of if it’s a load of crap.

Another thing I ponder is that I once heard about an experiment in quantum physics that proved the existence, on a quantum level, of alternate dimensions. Is that true or also a bunch of crap?

Is it true that some people can see into the near infrared spectrum? There has been a theory postulated that  this would explain some rare people who can actually perceive auras. Real or BS?

The more I learn, the more there IS to learn. I have two stacks of books: one in the living room and one in the bedroom. The bedroom stack is about 2 and a half feet tall. The living room stack is only a foot tall. This doesn’t even count the books I want to order that cover basic quantum physics, regular physics, botany and phytochemistry.

The more I ponder, the more I want to know.

Know what?

Everything. Everything I’ve ever wanted to know the answers to.

What do YOU ponder?


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  1. MaryLynne said,

    May 1, 2010 at 7:48 am


    About the quantum physics – I have lay person’s interest in physics and evolution. I haven’t read the latest books (been in grad school for education for three years) but what I understand is that one theory of quantum physics predicts alternative universes.. To make the math work out, we have our four visible dimensions, and six more dimensions curled at up at the Planck length, which means really really tiny – a unit of measure on the quantum scale.

    The books I’ve read are several years old, but at that point there was no evidence yet, just a beautiful theory. Here is a part of the story I love: Superstring theory was very big about a decade ago. Physicists loved it and lots of young physicists were going into string theory. The more they worked on it the more beautiful the math was. But as of when I was last reading about it, it is falling into disfavor with some _because there is no evidence!_ No matter how well the equations worked out and how much it explained and how attached they were, the experiments were not showing the predicted or any evidence for superstring theory so they are looking for other theories.

    I love this! This is how science works. Can you imagine spending your whole life working on something, and then give it up or move on not because it’s been disprovien, but because it hasn’t been proven? When I get done with school I need to look up the latest and catch up on physics.


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