The Great Experiment pt 2

Today I placed an order for 500 fly larvae from Grubco. As I mentioned on Twitter, this will probably be the weirdest thing I will ever get in the mail. So the Great Experiment in on track.

I’ll get the little things in a few days. When I do I’ll talk more about the separating process then. I plan on separating out two batches of 100. One for the first experiment and the second for the repeat. That way I can see if my first conclusion was a fluke or not.

I’m a little bit concerned about whether a 10 gallon tank will be sufficient room for 100 flies at a time. Unfortunately I don’t have anything larger. If there is a problem, I may have to reduce the subject group size. I won’t really know until I start getting pupae hatching out.

And so the Great Experiment is on track.


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