The Great Experiment pt 3

The maggots arrived yesterday! YAY!

Really, I think separating out the squirmy little things into separate containers is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever done. The smell from the stuff they were shipped in was awful!

To refresh your memories, last week I ordered 500 fly larvae from They were the only people I could find that supply fly larvae. Absolutely no one sells live flies on the internet that I could find. And I have some pretty mad Googling skills.

There WAS video of the unpacking and sorting but the camcorder we bought turned out not to be Mac compatible. So we lost about 10 minutes of video. We’re headed over to the big city of Orlando today to see what the people at the Apple Store have to say. Hopefully by Monday we’ll have some video of the two sorted jars. Each jar contains 100 maggots. Yeah, it’s pretty gross. I’ll post video of them as soon as I’m able.


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  1. MaryLynne said,

    May 9, 2010 at 8:17 am

    I just checked back in – I’m glad I could help!

    One thing I just thought of but I haven’t looked it up – are flies attracted to different foods at different points in their life cycle? Sweet things when they are growing, rotting things when laying eggs? Or am I thinking of a different insect?

    If the experiment is only vinegar vs. honey, this’ll be great. If you are looking at the larger question of “What will catch the most flies,” you might have to do it again with poo and rotting meat.

    I’m a few seemingly endless assignments from completing my coursework for my Master’s in special education. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve enjoyed it, but I can’t wait to start thinking of other things! My brain has already started to bubble – “What if ..” “I wonder .. .” I going to start thinking of some experiments I can do.

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