I’m So Proud

First my son. Now my spouse, Ken. I am just SO proud of my family and their developing skepticism skills! A couple days ago we were at AAA booking our flight for The Amazing Meeting 8.  Because it had been a while since we have flown that far (Orlando to Las Vegas) the travel agent gave us a copy of of the items that are prohibited from being carry-on items.

What follows is a snarktastic commentary.

Ken: Sporting goods.

Me:Sporting goods? Really? (here I was thinking skis)

Ken: Baseball bat!

Me: oh.

Ken: But they DO allow tools. Pliers, wrenches and up to a 7″ screwdriver! Imagine a bunch of guys with sharpened screwdrivers. Instant hijack.

That’s my hubby.Thinking of ways to hijack a plane using a baseball bat, pliers and a sharpened screwdriver.

What do you want to bet the airline in question takes us aside and screens us extra-hard after this post. Or maybe we’ll get our very own background check!

Seriously though; he went through the list and analyzed the items both banned and allowed and gave logical reasons for the allowance or banning of each one. There was a time not too long ago when he would have just scanned the list, shrugged and accepted it without thinking.

NOW? I’ve got another growing skeptic.


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