If you are or were Christian, you are probably familiar with today’s topic :backsliding.

I’m here to tell you that, it can happen to new skeptics, too.

Yes, I still count myself as someone who is relatively new to skepticism even though I will be celebrating my third anniversary at the end of August. I’ll stop calling myself new when my old woo ways are no longer comfortable or comforting.

What precipitated this post? I am still a wholesaler of essential oils and aromatherapy products. Most of my clients are people who practice massage. Some, however,  practice the same modalities that I used to. I spoke at length to one of those people yesterday.

It amazes me how quickly I slipped back into my old ways. We talked about using personal energy as opposed to the Universal energy of Reiki (yes, I’m cringing as i write this). I talked to him about keeping his aura close to his skin to concentrate it like armor so he was protected during a session. These are things I used to believe were true: That an energy generated by my soul, the different colors indicating different levels of physical and emotional health, could be harnessed as a form of protection from outside influences.

I didn’t backslide into believing that again. But the language and the “knowledge” still remains a part of me.  To the point that I slipped right back into my old ways of talking about things that have little to no scientific basis. I was a part of that world for so long that I didn’t even realize I was enmeshed in that conversation until he mentioned the Devil.

I believe that this shows anecdotal  evidence that even someone who is as active in skepticism as I am can still be drawn back into old habits.It takes a long time to change a habit and sometimes, even when you separate yourself from your old life, those old habits can, every now and then, still come back to bite you in the ass.



  1. sgerbic said,

    June 13, 2010 at 11:14 am

    Once you realized what you were saying, did you recount your comments to him? Awkward situation.

  2. June 13, 2010 at 11:50 am

    It WAS an awkward situation. What can you say when people who are paying you for your goods bring religion into an already woo-filled discussion? He IS a paying customer and he’s one of the few we have right now.

    I didn’t recant, but I DID try to steer the conversation more towards doctors as a main source of healthcare. I was happy to find that he agreed that Reiki should never replace medical care. Ever.

    I also mentioned that it was something I USED to do. I’m not sure if he caught that part or not.

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