It IS Rocket Science!

A group of people at Part-Time Scientists is looking for volunteers to help them build and launch a robot of their own making. Their ultimate goal is to land their robot on the Moon.

Let me say first of all that I am not a fan of Obama. But I think that his idea of privatizing space travel has really sparked a movement in the right direction. First Space X successfully launched their own rocket earlier this year. Now we have Part-Time Scientists building their own robot to send to the Moon.

There are 20 private companies whose goal is space flight. Of those companies, there are 15 projects either in development or testing. Some of those companies have multiple projects in testing or development. Now even though these companies are working towards the goal of space flight, they are having to deal with restricted budgets in comparison to NASA’s budget. Because of that, it will take longer to develop workable solutions.

The wonderful thing is that, even though our nation’s space program has been slowed, WE actually get a chance to take part in it. So go take a look at Part-Time Scientists web site and see if you can be one of the lucky people that could help put a robot on the Moon!


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