Duct Tape Hang Glider

Having been inspired by Mythbusters (Shhh! Don’t tell Adam and Jamie) my next Great Experiment will be to build a Duct Tape Hang Glider.

Since I know absolutely nothing about aerodynamics and only a little bit more about scale model building, this ought to be LOTS of fun!  I will, of course, start out with small scale testing. That means I’m going to have to hit up Goodwill and pick me up a GI Joe. Unless someone out there has one that they would be willing to donate, that is. I’ll make sure Joe has a good home with one of our neighborhood kids after I’m done with him.

If anyone has ideas about where to start on research for aerodynamics, I’d appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Oh and never fear, I’m still looking for a free/cheap habitrail so I can re-run the Flies experiment.


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