The Great Experiment Scholarship

I am pleased, proud and excited to announce that it’s official: The Great Experiment Scholarship is open for business!

For those of you who are new, The Great Experiment Scholarship is my 501c3 non-profit corporation.

The GES offers small scholarships of $10-$40 to persons of any age who are not professional scientists for the purposes of creating and running their own small scale science experiments at home or in the classroom.

Have you always been curious about something but didn’t have the extra cash to spend on it? Would you like to do something special for your science students but your district can’t afford the equipment? The GES is here to help. Just visit for more details.

There is an “About” page for more details about the GES and a “Contact” page so you can ask us questions. We also have an “Application” page that you can fill it out and send in to us either via email or postal mail. Or if you simply wish to support us, there is the donation page.

Unleash your inner scientist! Apply today!


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