Male Birth Control Pill

You read that right. According to the Telegraph, a team of scientists in Israel has created the first male oral contraceptive. This pill, according to researchers, deactivates a vital protein in the sperm, rendering it sterile before it reaches the womb.

Unfortunately you have to have four legs and a stereotyped penchant for cheese and mazes.

That’s right. At the moment this pill has only been tested on mice. However human tries are slated to begin in 2011.

The scientist behind the male pill discovery has developed a tablet that removes a vital protein in sperm that is required for a woman to conceive. So while sperm still get through to the uterus they are unable to fertilise an egg.

Because this is not a hormone based pill there are no apparent side effects as of yet. The nice ate, had sex, etc and while the male mice were on the pill, they maintained their sex drive and energy levels.

Another plus to this pill is that men only have to remember to take it four times a year. Women understand the stress of trying to remember whether or not they took their pill that morning.

This is potentially a huge development in birth control. Obviously much more research needs to be done. There is also safety testing to undergo.

While this has great potential we will simply have to wait and see what happens with it and what the testing uncovers.


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