TAM 8 pt 2 – Thursday C

Unfortunately I was late for the start of the 2:30 workshop dealing with feminism and skepticism. What I understand is that Rebecca Watson spent the first 30 minutes discussing douches and why certain people qualify as said pseudoscience device.

By the time I got there groups were just starting to form for the craft project. The assignment? Make an Angry Vagina out of felt and glue.

Yeah. That’s what I thought too.

During the crafting project each group was given a skeptical topic to discuss. The topics ranged from alternative medicine practices to paranormal investigation. Our group was so enmeshed in trying to get the freakin GLUE to stick to the felt that we completely ran out of time. Rebecca, if you’re reading this, I loved the workshop but PLEASE, for the love of Hawking’s Chair, get some REAL glue next time!

One of the topics that came up that I wanted to comment on but did not have time, was herbalism.

I feel very strongly that the reason many people turn to herbalism and altmed is because it is cheaper than going to the real doctor. When you have to shell out $50, $60 or more without insurance to see a doctor (and that doesn’t count any prescriptions that aren’t free or cheap from the pharmacy), it is going to be sorely tempting to buy a book on herbalism and make up a batch of something that is reputed to “cure” the ailment. After all a few ounces of herbs from the local herbalist is only $5 – $6 as opposed to $50 or $60. If you’re poor and don’t know any better, which are YOU going to choose?

As for the rest of the workshop, you can see a photo of our Angry Vagine below. Isn’t it cute!! If you look really close you can see where it took a chunk out of someone already. Thus the hair caught in its fangs.

Isn't it CUTE??



  1. kitty said,

    July 17, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    you needed “tacky” glue. Yes that’s the name. Real glue does not work with felt and Tacky Glue is pretty darn cheap. I think even Wal Mart sells it.

    Rather than an angry vagina, that looks like a vagina that needs tacky glue!! but funny

  2. sgerbic said,

    July 25, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Ok, I’m not seeing the anger here! Maybe I need to stare more at it?

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