Superstition defines superstition as the following: A superstition is a false belief based on ignorance (e.g., if we don’t beat the drums during an eclipse, the evil demon won’t return the sun to the sky), fear of the unknown (e.g., if we don’t chop up this chicken in just the right way and burn it according to tradition while uttering just the right incantations then the rain won’t come and our crops won’t grow and we’ll starve), trust in magic (e.g., if I put spit or dirt on my beautiful child who has been praised, the effects of the evil eye will be averted), trust in chance (if I open this book randomly and let my finger fall to any word that word will guide my future actions), or some other false conception of causation (e.g.,  homeopathy, therapeutic touch, vitalism, creationism, or that I’ll have good luck if I carry a rabbit’s foot or bad luck if a black cat crosses my path).

For those of you who have been following my journey, you know I used to be very superstitious. I am proud to say that I believe I may have finally ended that part of my life for good. Because let me tell ya folks…yesterday was probably one of the weirdest days I’ve had in a good number of years.

We were in Atlanta (visit for details on that) for something related to the aformentioned link. On a whim, because we were sick of waiting for the bank to get off their asses and approve the short sale  of a house we had an offer in on in Orlando, we had made plans to go look at a house in Atlanta. As we were getting ready to leave the hotel to go look at the house, our realtor in Orlando called my cell and told us the bank had approved our offer.

That’s not the weird part.

While we were sitting in my doctor’s waiting room (see above link for details if you choose) one of our business partners texted Ken and asked us to contact him when we had time; he had something to talk to us about. He lives in Atlanta. He didn’t know we were in town. NO ONE knew we were in town except for my Boobcast readers, of which he is not one.

Also not the weird part.

Ken sent him a text back letting him know we were in town so he suggested we get together for dinner to talk about it. We drove up to Lake Lanier and met him at the gas dock where he was fueling up our company boat. After about 15 minutes of cruising around out on the lake, he pitched us an idea for a new company. Of course I can’t give details but keep in mind that the current company we’re involved in with him grew 300% in one year. This is the same company that flew the stockholders down to the Dominican Republic last month for a week…in first class. This new company promises to be even bigger than the current one.

And THAT, ladies and gents is the weird part.

If I were still superstitious I would think that, because of the timing of all of those incidents, God/Goddess/Divinity was trying to tell us not to move at all. Instead of relying on some invisible force, I used logic and deductive reasoning to come to this conclusion. That, in the long run investing in this new company would serve us better and bring us more money than buying the new house for cash and selling the old one to get out from under the mortgage.

This just goes to show that even when circumstances in life get really bizarre and strange coincidences occur, you don’t have to fall back on mysticism. It was just unusal timing and a series of odd coincidences.

To quote Billy from Doctor Horrible, “What a crazy, random happenstance.”.


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