Encouraging Logic And You

Today’s topic, ladies and gentlemen, is about critical thinking, logic and how you (yes YOU!) can help encourage those skills in the next generation. I have been in contact with a teacher in Washington state who coordinates science classes for grades 6 through 12 in her school. She is very excited about The Great Experiment Scholarship, Inc and what the GES can do for the students in her school.

If you are not aware of the GES, please click here. The GES is a non-profit that gives micro-grants of $10-$40 to persons of any age who are not professional scientists who would like to run their own small-scale science experiments at home or in their classroom. This is a really exciting program. Our application process asks that the applicant formulate a theory, talk about their research on the topic and discuss the methodology of their experiment.

For a classroom, each child would individually receive $10 towards the experiment. If you have a class of 25 students, your class could do some pretty serious experimenting for that kind of money.

But there’s a problem. The GES is still a VERY new non-profit. Because we’re still such a young non-profit, we don’t have enough to fund even ONE class of 25 kids right now.

Here’s where YOU come in. No donation is too small. Even if you only donate ONE tax-free dollar, you have funded ONE TENTH of a child’s experiment. So please visit the GES. Every dollar really DOES make a difference.

Every donation of $50 or more will receive a GES t-shirt. And of course every donor will receive a receipt for tax purposes so please help us make a difference.

Thank you.


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