A Learning Process

First I want to apologize for neglecting my FS readers. http://boobcast.net has had to be more of a priority of late. Take a look if you’re interested in another part of my life.

I recently learned that I haven’t been applying skepticism to all aspects of my life. I’ve eschewed Woo, vanquished many logical fallacies and yet my Achilles Heel appears to be Politics. It’s the one aspect of my life (that I’m aware of) I have not been skeptical about.

Oh sure, I take everything that politicians say with a grain of salt and I CAN be a bit cynical when it comes to their claims. Unfortunately until the last couple of days, I bought into the conservative position about the economy. Now mind you I am still not fully educated about this. My point here is that I was blind-sided. I *thought* I knew what was going on with the economy and politics.

Turns out Vanna has put up a C and an L but I need to buy a couple vowels before I get a clue.

Thanks to a few people on Facebook, I’m going to be investigating media outlets that are less biased. From what I have been told, the BBC, Al-Jazeera and The Economist are three places to start reading.

Since I am rather ignorant on the subject, I would appreciate any input I can get on unbiased or less biased media outlets.


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