Skeptic Track at DragonCon

For those of you not familiar, coming up in a few short days is the east coast’s largest science fiction and comic book convention lovingly known as DragonCon. Every year thousands of geeks of every stripe descend on downtown Atlanta for four days of pure, unadulterated Geek. If you love Joss Whedon, welcome to Whedonverse! If you like costuming, there’s and entire track of nothing BUT costuming. If you like science, there’s a track for that, too.

There is even a Skeptic Track. And this year, I will be speaking. My spot is at 10 am Monday morning and my topic is Skepticism in Daily Life. So please come by and listen to my talk. There’s even a picture of a BRAIN! So it HAS to be scientific, right?

I’m not the only awesome chick speaking. There’s also Pamela Gay, Rebecca Watson and many more. We also have George Hrab, James Randi, Adam Savage and Jamy Ian Swiss, just to name a few. So come on down to DragonCon on Labor Day weekend. Find me and say Hi and we’ll talk.


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