Honeybee Deaths: A Garden Plot

My article covering the latest findings on CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) is available on the James Randi Educational Foundation site “Swift”. In it I talk in depth about the latest findings regarding a probable correlation between a newly discovered trio of viri and a fungus as the cause of the honeybee hive deaths.

Please visit Randi.org for the full article.

I am aware that correlation does not equal causation. The autism/vaccine fiasco is a vivid example of that fallacy in action. With that said, I have to wonder if there is any relation between the honeybee fungus and the fungus Geomycis destructans, the cause of White Nose Syndrome in Little Brown Bats, beyond the relationship as fungi.

Geomycis fungi has been found to be the culprit in White Nose Syndrome, the disease responsible for decimating the population of the Little Brown Bat (yes that is one VERY ticked off little bat), in the northeast continental US. Along with the honeybees, this species of bat is also a pollinator. Since both WNS and CCD surfaced in 2006, is it possible that some microbe in the pollen in the northeast US caused a susceptibility to fungal infections in both the bees and the bats?

If any of you, my dear readers, are or know personally, any microbiologists, I would love to know if there is a deeper relationship between the two types of fungi. Unfortunately I, personally, don’t know enough about microbiology to know this myself.


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  1. October 17, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    CCD was just a name given to the unexplained disappearance of honey bees in 2006. The bees have been disappearing for longer than 5 years. I interviewed two highly respected top beekeepers and asked their opinions. Their answers came as no real surprise, the answers have been under our noses all along.

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