Accomodation VS Confrontation: The Debate

Latsot and I are currently formulating the parameters of our debate concerning the topic of accommodation vs confrontation. If you’ve ever tried to turn a verbal debate format into a print format, it is something of a challenge. Once we have everything agreed-upon, we’ll be starting.
You are welcome to join in by posting your ideas in the comment section. We may or may not be able to comment on what you have posted but I can assure you that I, personally, will read every comment.
I’m very excited about this debate and although Latsot and I may not change each others minds, I hope that our discussion helps other people to resolve the issue for themselves.


1 Comment

  1. latsot said,

    December 10, 2010 at 8:52 am

    I should say that the delay is my fault. I’ve been busy trying to travel around the UK giving talks. We’ve had some snow and ice and the UK is famous for falling to pieces whenever this happens, even though it happens every year. This has cut my productivity to almost zero.

    Meanwhile, our host has done a great job of sorting out the details. Sorry I wasn’t more help.

    Anyway, I’m back in front of a proper Internet connection now and raring to go. I think we can have a productive discussion and I’m looking forward to having my views challenged.

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