Monday on Fledgeling Skeptic

After a great deal of preparation, Latsot and I are finally ready to move forward with the Acommodation vs Confrontation Debate. We will begin Monday morning. I will start by posing questions and giving my answer. Latsot will then reply and we will go back and forth until we have exhausted the topic.

You, the reader, are invited to weigh in and give your opinions during our exchanges.

It has been said that this issue has been flogged in a similar manner to a deceased equine. The problem is that the issue still is not resolved. Yes,  some of the major players like PZ Myers, Phil Plait and James Randi have weighed in with their opinion. However, I have yet to see these opinions backed up with factual evidence. This, then, is what we will endeavor to do.

Please come back frequently. This is going to be fun!


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