Misleading Ads on Facebook

Yesterday I was on Facebook catching up with friends when I noticed something. Along the right-hand side of the page was a small group of ads. One of them was for a detox product and the other was for a chiropractor whose ad talked about “curing” Hashimoto’s Disease. These ads promote potentially harmful products or services. If you have visited What’s The Harm then you have read the articles from around the world showing that unnecessary detoxification can cause medical issues or even death.

Quackwatch has provided medical evidence that the herbal cleanses and other types of “detoxification products” from health food stores “…no studies have demonstrated that they actually detoxify anything”.  According to doctors on “Sense About Science” our bodies already do a wonderful job of eliminating potentially harmful substances like alcohol. If one were to indulge in an nearly lethal dose, the liver would cleanse it from the body in about 36 hours without the need for herbs, etc.

Fortunately since Facebook probably does not have the knowledge to police their advertising, we, the participants can do it. Every time you see an ad for a questionable or quack-based product, click the X in the upper right hand corner and click the “Questionable” radio button. You can also complain directly about an ad by filling out this form.

Let’s make Facebook quack-free!


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