Eve Markuze, “Mothers Know Best”

In an interview in the Toronto Sun, David Markuze’s mother spoke out. She thinks that those of us who have received threats of death and violence are simply misunderstanding what her son has written. According to her, Mabus would “not even kill a fly”.

I can see how “Maria, leave the JREF if you want to live”, might be interpreted as “get a life”. But it’s pretty hard to misinterpret threats like, “we are going to torture you before we execute you, fucker”; just one of the many sent to mcgeesorg. Or calling a woman a cunt and threatening to rape her before killing her. These kinds of things are not a matter of misinterpretation.

I knew from things that Michael Shermer has said that Markuze’s mother and father didn’t think their son really had a problem.  In the Toronto Sun article, Ms Markuze said that her son has the right to talk and tell the truth.

She also stated, “I thought this was a free country,” she said. “Maybe he is misunderstood, but definitely I am not scared of his work.

“I am not scared at all about what he is doing. I am the mother. And mothers know best.”.

Those comments bring into stark relief that his mother is a part of the problem. She lives with him and still doesn’t see the problem. As Jeff Wagg said, “(she) must be writing from Egypt because she’s knee deep in denial”.


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