Harold Camping Is Still At It

Harold Camping, the man who brought us Rapture Fail on May 21 of this year, is continuing to publicize the end of the world on his web site. As we all know, his high level of cognitive dissonance led him to justify the lack of Rapture earlier this year by stating that it was, in actuality, the beginning of Judgement Day.

For the next five months, according to Camping’s web site, those who are non-believers will suffer the torment of knowing that there is no salvation for us. Apparently May 21 was the cutoff date and there is no way to salvation after that date.

Although there was no Rapture, Camping still thinks that the world is set to be destroyed by fire on October 21, exactly five months after the Rapture date. A quote on Camping’s site claims, “God’s people were never meant to be raptured on May 21, and this misunderstanding of believing they were to be raptured has certainly not invalidated the biblical calendar in any way, which still reveals that the time for salvation is now gone forever since May 21 – exactly what we had declared – and the end of the world will still be October 21, 2011 when this world will be completely destroyed by fire – exactly what we had and are still declaring.”

I have to wonder that if God’s chosen were meant to be spared the torture of the end of the world, why will they be burned alive with the rest of us non-believers? In my reading of the Bible I have been led to believe that the whole idea behind the Rapture was to reward the true believers and keep them from being harmed. You know, by the giant locusts. Those same locusts that are supposed to be eating us right now. During the five months of torment that isn’t happening except in a metaphorical sense.

I can honestly say that I don’t feel tortured. Now that Dennis Markuze is getting the help he needs and not spamming the JREF site, my life is pretty good. I haven’t heard anything from other non-believers about feeling tortured since May 21. Unless you count the post-Rapture party hangovers.

I’m just waiting to see what kind of justification Camping will come up with on October 22nd when the world does not end by being consumed in fire.


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