Wakefield Conspiracies Begin

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s work in autism has been discounted and his paper retracted by the Lancet.  He is being called a fraud because it has been discovered that he falsified data in his study that linked vaccines to autism andrew-wakefield-exposed-as-fraud.html

According to the above article investigative reporter Brian Deer, “confidential medical documents and interviews with witnesses have established that Andrew Wakefield manipulated patients’ data, which triggered fears that the MMR triple vaccine to protect against measles, mumps and rubella was linked to the condition.”

He continues on saying “None of this will matter to anti-vaccinationists,” he writes, “who view Wakefield as . . . a persecuted scientific hero . . .” And he nailed it dead on. Dr Rachael Dunlop confirmed just that when she shared this on Twitter: WakefieldWitchhunt.jpg

According to the diagram, The Lancet, The Sunday Times and Paul Offitt were all influenced by “Profiteers of the 20 Million Dollar Vaccine Industry”. The creator of this diagram has called the retraction by The Lancet a witch hunt. The author also claims that “21 autism organizations in the US and UK filed perjury charges against the head of the Lancet for lying about Wakefield’s disclosures of his conflicts in the GMC hearing not relevant to the fact that the Lancet retracted Wakefield’s article the following week” anatomy-of-witch-hunt.html

I hope someone can explain to me what that last quote means. I can’t quite make sense of it. What conflicts are they referring to? Is this their way of saying that Wakefield did NOT commit fraud?

Oh no. no indeed. As this article will show why_am_i_not_surprised_it_looks_as_thoug.php Wakefield is guilty of the same things that the antivaxers accuse Paul Offitt and many other doctors of.

I know from listening to James Randi speak that you cannot change the mind of a True Believer. All we can do is plant the seed and hope that somehow the truth will take root.


I’ve noticed that there are days when places like the Skepchick site has what I would consider filler. Opinions are bandied about concerning a multitude of fluff topics. Often such issues as the Facebook bra color thing and how we fill our down time have been par for the course. Please understand that this is not a criticism of Skepchicks. They rock and I really wish I was one of them.

This is an observation.

As part of the observation, I wonder why this happens. Are there simply not enough news-worthy skeptical topics to cover? Is it that, after a while they simply run out of educational things to talk about all the time? Is it because it offers a break from those times when the stupidity of anti-vaxers, the Catholic Church, religious extremists and conspiracy theorists makes you want to ram your head through a wall??

I think I’ll take door number three.

This is just a guess mind you. After all, I don’t always talk about educational aspects of skepticism. Sometimes we all need a break from the serious.

And so, today we have…Filler!! TADA!

The Land Of Woo

I feel like I’ve been out in a hurricane of nonsensical ramblings. I’m a bit punch drunk from it all.

First we’re all being fitted with RFID bracelets or going to internment camps. Then babies are being vaccinated before they leave the hospital and all the children are going to get Autism from the 40 vaccines they get before entering kindergarten.

One thing at a time. The latest H1N1 scare comes to us from, you guessed it, an anonymous source on the Internet!! A woman claiming to be a soldier was told that the California state police and the military are training to intern people who refuse the H1N1 vaccine. Here’s a link to the video.


In the video she claims that on Oct. 15th people will be stopped at roadblocks and be asked to give proof that they have received the H1N1 vaccine. If they have not been vaccinated they will be given a choice: Be vaccinated or get in a waiting bus to be taken to an internment camp.

Those that choose to be vaccinated will be fitted with a bracelet that holds an RFID chip with your information so that you can be tracked and the CDC can create a map of where vaccinated and unvaccinated people are. She claims that somehow the bracelet will be fitted into your wrist so that it becomes a permanent part of you. It seems like something out of Revelations, doesn’t it?

Yes, it sounds pretty scary and the woman in the video does seem very genuine and convincing. But let’s break this down.

First, Snopes has already debunked a mandatory H1N1 vaccine. Second, there is not enough of the vaccine to give to every person in the continental United States. Third, why an RFID bracelet when they can just inject an RFID chip? Anyone who has seen Mythbusters knows that Kari Byron has a chip. It looked like it hurt like a mutha, too.

So as scary as this sounds, I’ve got to call bullshit on this.

Oh! And the reason for this supposed mandatory vaccination? According to the real woomongers, there are chemicals in the vaccine that will kill people. So the government is using the H1N1 as a means of population control.

Is this the same type of population control that was used on gay men with the purposeful release of the engineered AIDS virus? Or perhaps it’s the type that was used on black people to test other vaccines?

As for the children. Someone else is claiming that babies are being vaccinated before they leave the hospital and children receive 40 vaccinations before entering Kindergarten. http://www.knowthelies.com/?q=node/4431#comment-4923

For a website called Know The Lies, you would think they would be a bit more truthful with their information.

I’m telling you folks, I thought I had been totally immersed in Woo before becoming a skeptic and atheist. All the channeling, crystals and energy healing I did was nothing compared to the crap I’ve seen since starting this blog. I was a lightweight by comparison to some of these people.

For those who are new to skepticism or have never gotten the proper definition, here’s the meaning of Woo, or WooWoo. There’s a great song at the end called “The Tower of Woo”. Give it a listen.

Ms. Popularity

I may well get kicked out of my school by the end of the term. As many of you know, I started working on my Master’s in Herbalism through the American College of Heathcare Sciences before becoming a skeptic and atheist. A couple months ago the new term started.

In the last module one of the discussion questions asked the students to discuss why we would or would not get our children vaccinated. After taking a deep breath so I didn’t go with my initial “ARE YOU CRAZY YOU FUCKING NUTTERS??” outburst, I posted links to several pro-vacc websites that also detailed WHY vaccines are safe, etc. I just wish that http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.com was up and running. I still linked to the site after mentioning that it is currently down.

What floored me is that one anti-vacc student was told that she did a good job by our instructor and that both sides of the debate had lots of evidence!!! I really don’t know if I can keep going to a school where that kind of thinking is actually ENCOURAGED.

I was hoping that this debate would be skipped over. What’s worse is that this next module discusses homeopathy. I’m going to have to go in and utterly destroy that too.

In the first module many of my classmates discussed how they felt that alternative approaches to Western medicine were valid because they had been around a long time. The underlying tone was one of disdain for science and scientific study.

Herbalism CAN be approached scientifically and HAS been. There are many studies that cover the efficacy of various plant based medicines. But WHY my school feels the need to include woo-based bullshit alone with scientific content is beyond me. I just don’t get how a place that can be so in-depth with its studies on herbs can stoop to including homeopathy in the coursework.

I just don’t know HOW I’m going to be able to keep from calling people complete whackjobs this week when the homeopathy believers come out of the woodwork.

I could use some links and advice. Something besides “Quit” would be good.