Mr. Whuffkins

This post is a complete flight of fancy. I’m stealing the idea from Skepchicks and running with it.

A couple days ago one of the Skepchicks posed this question: If you could have any animal as a pet, and have it magically be domesticated and friendly, what would you choose?

Most people chose big cats. One person went with a Velociraptor. So I thought “Hmm…how can I take that to the next level? Oh *I* know! THIS  guy! : The Mapusaurus roseae.

This dinosaur was larger than the T-Rex and may have even been bigger than Giganotosaurus, the guy that took over the mantle of “Biggest Badass” from good ol’ T. In other words Mapusaurus rosae, or as I like to call him, Mr. Whuffkins, was longer than a four-story building is tall. So, yeah…big meat grinder on legs.

The question on Skepchicks included the word “friendly”. Sure, Mr. Whuffkins would be friendly TO ME and to people I liked. But lets have some fun here for a minute. If YOU had the biggest carnivore the world has ever seen at your disposal, what would YOU do? Personally, I’d have bullet proof armor and a saddle made for Mr. Whuffkins. Then I’d take him around to places like the Westboro Baptist Church where Fred Phelps hangs his hat. I’d explain to Mr. Phelps that when he says things like “God hates fags”, it makes Mr. Whuffkins vewwy sad. When Mr. Whuffkins gets sad, he gets hungry. He’s a stress eater, doncha know.

Voila! Instant social reform!

Don’t like the way things are going in Washington DC? Mr. Whuffkins and I are happy to go a few Congressmen and Senators. I can see it now. Me and my pet wandering the world making change happen wherever we go. Barack Obama would have nothing on us!

It would be like the old children’s book “Danny and the Dinosaur”, just a bit, well, bloodier.

Unfortunately there would be a drawback to keeping Mr. Whuffkins as a pet. No, not the food bill. He’s magical so he wouldn’t need to eat. Except for those times I wanted him to, that is. The big drawback would be the fundamentalists and creationists claiming that me and Mr. Whuffkins are proof that people used to live side by side with dinosaurs and even ride them. After all Mr. Whuffkins would be “domesticated”.

And so, the dream dies.

It IS fun to pretend sometimes though. See? Even skeptics have vivid imaginations!

Obama: Part 2

I went back and read last night’s post. In parts of it, I was not being skeptical. I was being emotional. I’m still learning how to create skeptical arguments and that wasn’t what I did.

What I DID was to look for evidence to support my argument without looking around to see if Obama had actually accomplished something to warrant the award of a Nobel Peace Prize.

My only source that he did NOT deserve it was one article from a British newspaper where in the head of the committee talked about Obama’s potential to bring peace to the world.

That is hardly the skeptical thing to do. I SHOULD have investigated further instead of letting my emotions get the best of me. I will be returning to this topic and REALLY investigating it soon.

See? This is why I call myself a Fledgeling Skeptic. I’m still learning.

Obama: The Second Coming

Is there nothing the man can’t do? Now he’s been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The committee awarded Obama the prize simply for the “potential” he has to bring peace to the world.

I haven’t seen any of it. To the best of my knowledge the world still hates us. Muslim extremists still want to kill us. If anyone out there has a concrete example of how Obama has changed the world for the better, I would like to see the evidence. On Twitter my assertion is that he hasn’t done anything to call for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Someone popped up and said the following in reply: “except making many things possible that were impossible before, such as a non racist, religiously tolerant, safe, modern world”.

What things were impossible that Obama himself made possible? Racism still exists. This is just one small example of continued racism in the world:

As for religiously tolerant part of that statement. Read this blog about religious persecutions that have happened so far this month: And how about the ongoing honor killings in the Middle  East? He mentioned a modern world. How “modern” is it when women are still killed because they have been raped?

Finally, the poster claims that Obama has made the world safe. I’m guessing the poster doesn’t watch the news.

I could be insulting and derisive. Trust me, I’m REALLY tempted. But that’s not what a good skeptic does. I am interested to see what concrete evidence people give to justify Obama receiving such a coveted award. This is something that people strive their entire lives for. This is an achievement of a lifetime and I seriously feel that the committee has missed the mark here.

If Obama has improved the world in the way the poster asserts, I just don’t see it.